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Scaling your favorite eCommerce brands to the highest levels through Google & YouTube Ads🦄
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Cutting-edge customized strategy.

We custom-tailor advertising to match your brands specific needs: from brand voice, inventory and profit margins all the way to your customer lifecycle - your sustainable growth comes first.
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A team of professionals...
...not junior media buyers.

We never pass off your account to subpar overseas talent, our small team of experts have been in the eCommerce space for years, and our boutique firm only takes on a few clients at a time for maximum-impact results.
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Full-funnel marketing at
the highest level.

After OiOS14, brands need marketing strategies that meet consumers at every stage of the funnel. We don’t just run ads, we create a digital experience that helps you acquire customers across the funnel at a higher CVR, lower CPA, and better ROAS.
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ATTENTION: 7-9 Figure DTC Brands Only

Here Is How We Scale E-commerce Brands To The Highest Levels Through Google Ads

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Our Process
How it works

Our simple & streamlined process

Custom-tailored strategy for each client.


Initial Call, Audit & Onboarding


Market Research & Strategic Set Up


Full Funnel Launch, Optimize and Scale

Step #1

Initial Call, Audit & Onboarding

Step #2

Market Research & Strategic Set Up

Step #3

Full Funnel Launch, Optimize and Scale
Why us?
How are we different?

Why Choose

Data driven decisions, not emotional

We make data driven decisions and track using custom columns within your dashboard, integrating unique UTMs and tagging while occasionally leveraging state-of-the-art third party softwares.

Conv. value / cost



Cost / conv.






Conv. value



Proactive, not reactive communication

You rarely will have to ask any questions because we proactively keep you up to date… You’ll have your own dedicated slack channel with 24/7 access to our team of experts, as well as monthly, weekly or even daily reports based on preferences.

Full-funnel landing pages

We don’t just do Google & Youtube Ads - We give your entire funnel’s CVR a facelift.

By creating custom funnels, advertorials and landing pages that match the messaging of your advertising campaigns, this tailor-fits the customer journey to different levels of awareness and intent, resulting in a substantial increase in revenue.

SEO for organic results

Beyond Google PPC, our team will work to fully optimize both your on-page SEO & technical SEO so that your entire funnel is leak-proof from top to bottom. Dialing in your store's SEO not only helps capitalize on organic traffic but ensures more effective CPC and ad ranking for paid search performance.

Product feed management

As Google Merchant Center experts, we ensure pristine accounts free from disapprovals and warnings and specialize in dealing with suspensions. We leverage DataFeedWatch to guarantee your Product Feed is meticulously optimized by incorporating overlooked fields, strategic custom labels & more. We also use advanced rules to manage products based on performance and ensure any unique promotions are spotlighted. Additionally, we assist in multi-country GMC ensuring each country gets its own customized feed with correct data & currency globally. Basically, all things GMC we have you covered.

10 specialists in 1 account

10 expert team members from across the globe, with combined decades of experience and unique skill sets, all working towards one vision: Scaling your brand effectively.

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Case Studies

Our recent results for clients

When Nolan Interior came to us, they were in the early stages and only advertising on Meta. They had zero presence on Google Ads - the few attempts they took at the platform were unprofitable and they had nearly given up hope on the channel. Starting from ground zero on Google we began testing YT Shorts for TOF traffic as well as leveraging Search, Pmax & Shopping campaigns. Beyond this, we connected them with some of the best email marketing & CRO specialists in the game so they would be set up for success...

Ad spend = $0
Revenue = $0
CPA = $0

In only 6 months, we were able to take them from an empty ad account all the way up to $91k in spend, at a staggering 8x ROAS ($764k per month revenue). They were originally going to give up on Google as a channel, but now, Google is the most profitable marketing channel for their brand by far: consistently surpassing what even Meta is bringing in. Achieving a CPA of only $13.94, our holistic full funnel approach to Google for Nolan Interior literally transformed their entire business in under half a year.

Ad spend = $91.6k
Revenue = $764k
CPA = $13.94

Cloudsharks was spending minimally on Google ads at about $800 a month when they initially came to us. They were concerned because of competitor knock-offs flooding the search results…

Ad spend = $800
Revenue = $9.24k
CPA = $3.73

We quickly helped them establish market dominance and took them from $800 per month spend to $22.2k per month, and in this process also brought revenue from $9.24k to $124k with a 6x ROAS.

Ad spend = $22.2k
Revenue = $124k
CPA = $7.04

Chinmounts had a ROAS problem in which they simply could not crack a 2-3 ROAS on Google Ads. They were about $220 a month and were scaling slowly because of fear of ROAS dropping.

Ad spend = $220
Revenue = $1.46k
CPA = $5.49

When Jack Henry came to us, they were running only search ads on brand protection and one PMAX campaign that was not giving good performance.

Ad spend = $7.04k
Revenue = $22.8k
CPA = $18.18

After restructuring their marketing strategy within Google and YT shorts were able to boost ROAS from 2x to 6x, and at the same spend brought revenue from $22.8k to $39.3k by lowering the CPA from $18.18 to $11.30.

Ad spend = $7.55k
Revenue = $39.3k
CPA = $11.30

Neptune Gum came to us spending about $2k pm on Google Ads, but were relying heavily on branded traffic at the bottom of the funnel.

Ad spend = $737
Revenue = $2,300
CPA = $10.31

We cleaned up the branded campaign, launched shopping campaigns & TOF search campaigns, added YT shorts for prospecting and within 90 days profitably scaled them from $2k spend per month to $11k spend and over $47k in monthly revenue.

Ad spend = $11.7k
Revenue = $46.6k
CPA = $11.43

Ethnik Living came to us with a CPA problem. They were spending about $3.7k a month on Google Ads but simply could not bring down CPA under $200 as they offer high ticket luxury furniture.

Ad spend = $3.71k
Revenue = $7.34k
CPA = $265

We were able to lower the CPA from $265 all the way to $70.96, while scaling spend from $3.7k to $13.3k, and in this process brought revenue from $7.3k per month all the way up to a whopping $110k per month.

Ad spend = $13.3k
Revenue = $110k
CPA = $70.96

In less than 2 months, we were able to double the revenue for Tabs. When they came to us they were stuck at around 5x ROAS.

Ad spend = $18.1k
Revenue = $97k
CPA =$6.77

We quickly realized that there search campaigns were overspending because they cannibalized each other on overlapping traffic- after simplifying there search campaign structure and adopting a straight forward middle, top and bottom of funnel approach, we have taken them from $97k in monthly revenue all the way to $180.8k in less than 60 days. Additionally, we are utilizing their virality on Tik-Tok to promote cross platform TOF on YouTube Shorts, and have seen CPA drop from $6.77 all the way to $2.57

Ad spend = $13k
Revenue = $180.8k
CPA = $2.57

Crossover Symmetry came to us looking to scale on Google but unable to do so without ROAS dropping. They were spending $8.86k to generate $26k in monthly revenue.

Ad spend = $8.86k
Revenue = $26k
CPA = $7.06

We managed to scale the budget up to $10.6k a month while bringing revenue all the way up to $78.4k a month, a massive win. Now Google Ads is one of the brands most profitable and scalable marketing channels.

Ad spend = $10.65k
Revenue = $78.4k
CPA = $24.27

When Fighthaus came to us, they were only running brand protection search campaigns on Google - with zero prospecting or other campaign strategies. This was just sucking out leakage from the FaceBook funnel and not expanding the brands reach.

ROAS = 3.7
CPA = $29.29
CPC = $1.21

Our recent strategy, involving a non-branded keyword search campaign, PMax campaign, Shopping ads, and YouTube shorts, has successfully targeted cold customers and diversified traffic sources. This has led to a 649% increase in store revenue over 90 days. It's enabled a profitable 20% monthly ad spend increase, while maintaining a 5.92 ROAS and reducing CPA by over 32%.

ROAS = 5.9
CPA = $19.62
CPC = $0.74

EpicFlyRods was having trouble seeing consistency on Google Ads. They had decent potential because they sell high-end fly fishing rods with a large AOV, but could not find consistent sales or traffic from Google because of their search campaign structure.

ROAS = 2.98
CPA = $150.51
CPC = $1.44

We were able to create a prospecting search campaign as well as a Shopping campaign targeting different parts of the funnel, and in less than 90 days have brought the ROAS from 2.98x all the way to 10.3 ROAS - all while lowering CPA from $150.51 to $97.09 and CPC from $1.44 to $0.89.

ROAS = 10.3
CPA = $97.09
CPC = $0.89
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What clients say

What the clients have to say

Listen to what 7-9 figure brand owners say about us.

“Since letting go a little bit more and bringing in the right people, my business has like 3x-5x"

“When we started working with them, we were at about $100k-$150k in sales, 10 months later…we are now close to $3M in sales right now"

"You are one of the best agencies I’ve worked with…you guys are chasing me to do shit…with other agencies, I’m chasing them to do shit…so it’s good to see”

“I’ve been with many agencies before....and knew right away this was different....you’re actually willing to understand our business and products, that’s important…"

“It was always like you guys were a part of the team…you just weren’t in the office…we could just easily chat in Slack, and even our teams had healthy conversations…everything was smooth…we had many discussions with agencies prior to onboarding, but you being an expert at Google was a huge reason we decided to go with you…I would say just go for it…you gathered a team of experts and the results are pretty clear”

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Meet The Team
About us

Meet the Echelonn team

The best brains🧠 in eCommerce combined.


Chief Executive Officer
Read about Jackson


Chief Marketing Officer
Read about Filippo


Chief Revenue Officer
Read about Luke


Chief Technical Officer
Read about Etienne


Chief Copywriter
Read about Austin


Client Success Manager
Read about Bumsoo


Project Manager
Read about Sam


Google Ads Specialist
Read about Kamil


Google Ads Specialist
Read about Karlis


Google Ads Specialist
Read about Matteo

Meet Jackson

“I've been in the e-commerce industry since I was 16, coming a long way from the days of inventory all over my Nans living room floor… I've pursued various e-commerce ventures and started multiple brands, some of which were successful, while others were not.

Since then, I took all these learnings and applied them to establish Echelonn, where I've been scaling my brands and others since 2016.

Having owned, scaled, and exited multiple e-commerce brands, I am well-aware of the challenges that brand owners encounter and can offer a perspective from both the brand side and agency side. This gives brands we work with a huge strategic advantage, and was a big reason why Echelonn was formed...

Read more about Jackson

Jackson Blackledge

Chief Executive Officer
Our Track Record

Our results in the previous 30 days...


Monthly Ad Spend


Average Client ROAS


Monthly Total Generated For Clients

15.6 Months

Average Client Lifespan in Months

What clients say

What the clients have to say

Read what 7-9 figure brand owners say about us.

"We spent $20k in the last 6 weeks with a return of $120k, which is ridiculous for our brand. Our margins have skyrocketed."

"We came to him with a 3 ROAS after working with multiple overpromising agencies. Within 2 months, he took us to a 10-12 ROAS, crazy!"

"Not only Google ads...Jackson has really helped connect us with other high-level individuals in the e-commerce space to elevate our whole business."

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Have healthy inventory levels to sustain scaling

The FAQs

Frequently asked questions

You got questions, we’ve got answers.
Do you offer free ad account audits?


What can I expect on the initial call?

We won’t be wasting your time with small talk.

Instead, we will immediately discuss the reason for your scheduled call. I will assess your current situation, your desired outcome, and if it is appropriate, conduct a Google Ad account audit after asking a series of relevant metric based questions.

On the second call, we will review the audit and determine the most appropriate partnership structure for us. I’m not here to waste your time. If there are areas where your ad account can be enhanced, I will inform you. If your ad account or current team is performing well and our assistance is not required, I will also inform you.

It is not beneficial for us to onboard brands that we cannot expand further. We emphasize quality over quantity when it comes to onboarding new clients.

How long are your contracts?

Rolling month to month agreements, you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts or traditional agency headaches. We ensure that our clients are content and comfortable with the arrangement we come to an agreement on so it makes sense for both parties at scale. If you are satisfied with the results and service we provide, it is likely that you will remain as a client. On the other hand, if you are not pleased with the results or you’re simply not enjoying your experience, you have the option to discontinue without any obligation. Unlike traditional agencies, we do not impose restrictive contract lengths or force you to continue with us when you wish to leave.

Our goal is to establish long-standing relationships with our clients, however, if our performance falls below your expectations, you have every right to leave, as you should.

Do you offer strategic partnerships?

Definitely! I’m all about teaming up with other service providers, and making sure it’s a win-win for everyone involved. So, if you send any eCommerce brands to us, and they come on board, you’ll receive 20% of their monthly invoice. For example, if we invoice them $10,000 for the month, you’ll receive $2000.

And the best part? You’ll get it every single month ongoing while they are signed up as a client.

Do you offer Google & YouTube Ads coaching?

Yes, the goal here is to turn you, or your in-house marketing team into Google & YouTube Ad experts.

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